Indoor Herbs and Garden is an internet marketing company that teaches people how to turn their black thumb into a green one!

Joke apart, there is not such a thing as a black thumb. If you end up with wilting and dying plants, it is just your lack of knowledge causing this.

Gardening is by far not a science. I saw plants growing within cracks with little to no soil and others dying even in the best conditions. Nonetheless, there are some rules and gardening common sense. If you know them you can avoid further plant catastrophe :D.

That’s when I had an illumination! Let’s create my own website on it!

Our Story

I bought the domain name IndoorHerbs a few years back.  Why another website on gardening? It is plenty of them out here! The answer here is quality!

How many times you stumbled on a website telling you “to provide enough water” to your plant. What does that “enough even mean”.

I am an engineer by trade (I have a Ph.D. on it!) so approximation and vagueness do not work with me. If we want to help people we need clear and actionable instructions, not fluff. This is my engineering brain.

That’s why I decide to step in. Given my scientific background, I do personally write or follow each of my articles using my own expertise based on years of growing herbs and plants in different climates (the warmth of Sardinia and the rainy UK).

About Andrea

The brain behind the scene is me (also known as Andrea Ballanti). I am an Italian guy raised in Sardinia, a beautiful and sunny island. Since I was a kid I was surrounded by nature, given also a large number of green areas in my city. Here my second love, after engineering, was for living greens. Indeed, see those plants go from tiny seeds to a tall green bush with tasty and flavorful leaves, was (and still is for my kid’s eyes) something fascinating and extremely rewarding.

After moving to the north of the UK for work and study in 2013, I appreciated, even more, the presence of greens. Indeed, light is a rare commodity, and having a balcony outside where growing basil, parsley, and rosemary (my favorite) was impossible due to also the harsh weather. So the only way to keep growing was to move to indoor gardening.

So, here I am, writing on my (and other experienced gardeners) about my indoor gardening path.

The Friends of Indoor Herbs

Here is a list of growing contributors to our website wealth! Those people with their knowledge and expertise are here to support our readers


Esther is the self-proclaimed cactiholic 😀 of the team. She is a full-time homemaker that owns a small shop with hundreds of cacti (check it out). Esther has vast experience in growing and caring for drought-resistant plants like cacti and succulents.

So Esther joined us to share with you her first-hand experience, and ideas she gained over the years. These prickly beauties can bring so much happiness to your life, and she is here to help educate all of you so you won’t be making the same mistakes with your cacti (and make them smile…almost!).