About Indoor Herbs

Indoor Herbs is an internet marketing company that teaches people how to take care of their indoor herbs in order to create a thriving and flourishing indoor garden. This will reduce the carbon footprint, limit the use of plastic, educate and, more importantly, providing fresh and tasty herbs for the whole house. Indoor Herbs is known for its detailed, almost scientific attention to detail approach. At the same time it still maintains a simplicity that beginner gardeners appreciate.

Our Story

I bought the domain name IndoorHerbs in July 2019.  This site, at first, was extremely slow to develop, due to also the harsh competition in the gardening field where large websites with massive amounts of content dominate. However, often their quality was pretty low (articles often produced by large writing mills with no experience in gardening). This produce a large volume of low-quality articles giving incomplete or misleading information to the reader.

That’s why I decide to step in. Given my scientific background (I am a researcher with 4 years of experience and holds a Ph.D. in Engineering) I do personally write and craft each of my articles to the best of my knowledge and using my highly-developed analysis habilities.

This process might take a while but I put all the effort to provide the most reliable and complete articles on each subject I write on. That’s the difference between a supermarket cake and the old style cake that your grandmother might use to bake.

Me, Andrea Ballanti, I was raised in Sardinia, a beautiful and sunny Italian island. Since I was a kid I was surrounded by nature, given also a large number of green areas in my city. Here my second love, after engineering, for growing herbs. Indeed, see those plants go from tiny seeds to a tall green bush with tasty and flavor leaves, it was (and still is for my kid’s eyes) something fascinating and extremely rewarding.

After moving to the north of the UK for work and study in 2013, I appreciated, even more, the presence of greens. Indeed, light is a rare commodity and having a balcony outside where growing basil, parsley, and rosemary (my favorite) was impossible due to also the harsh weather. So the only way to keep growing was to move to indoor gardening.

So, here I am, writing on my (and other experienced gardeners) about my indoor gardening path.

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