Hi there! My name is Andrea, a friendly (and often funny!) Italian guy with a great gardening passion and founder of Indoor Herbs. This site has been visited thousands of times from either social media or as a result of a query that gardeners asked on the internet.

In 2013 I moved to the UK for studies. There, I earned my P.hD. in electrical Engineer developing even further my critical thinking and analysis capability. Around the end of my P.hD. I start having a few herbs indoor and looking for information on how to maintain them. However, many aspects were missing or not well explained. That’s when I decided I need a blog to gather the information I need. So I decided to create a blog and making available to everyone.

In parallel, I start improving my writing by taking free or very low paid writing gigs in the most common writing platform. That will allow me to serve better my audience. I love the idea to be able to serve hundreds (or even a few) people from all over the world!

My personal Story

If you would meet me in real life you would have a decently fit guy (yes, 5 am wake up to go to the gym) probably with my headphones listening to some nice song (always).

When I am not working as an engineer, I am writing content for this website (on the weekend in some cafeteria in Manchester), or enjoying a long walk in a park (if not raining).

I do love Marvel and DC movies, although I always struggle to see them. So, most of the time I end up with my good flatmate Linds watching something random on TV with some good Indian curry!

That’s me!

Let’s Talk!

If you want to contact me you can either use my business email:

[email protected]

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