Do you want her to be thankful for a gift that they can use and be proud of? You might not want her to think, “I do not know what to do with this” gift this time.

No, you do not need to spend a fortune either to make your spouse, sister, or mother happy with a good birthday or anniversary gift. If you are aware of a passion for gardening, your quest will get way easier now.

Here you have dozens of hand-picked ideas (my girlfriend and five other friends helped me out on this one). From art gardening wallets to cute aliens to mug cat, you’ll not find what she will truly appreciate.

The Winner: The Cutest Pots

Succulents are a soft spot for many gardeners. They are tiny, with sparkling colors and soft at the touch. No surprise that, especially among women, they are quite a common green companion.

What about the cutest six tiny planters shaped like small owls. They are 6-inches high and wide made of high-quality material and equipped with drainage holes, ideal for cactus. They are so attractive that it is not uncommon to give them a name as well! They are quite a unique and original gift, well within budget.

Second Plance: A Hand Crafted Wallet

How to turn something simple and mundane as a wallet in a piece of art? Here how.

What about a wallet 100% leather with beautifully hand-painted flower motives drawn by skilled artisans? In this case, every wallet is unique. If you add the brand’s reputation and the durability of the item, then you have a winner.

This wallet has one transparent pocket (convenient for the ID), six small ones, the size of a credit card, four slip pockets, and one gusseted zippered pocket. It is around 8 inches in height and 0.5 inches long. It is quite light with only 200g of weight. To notice its price to be quite affordable given the quality.

Does she has already a wallet (very likely)? Do not forget that she might want to use a different wallet from the ordinary in case of gala events or simply during a vacation. Moreover, this can be the right timeto replace an overused (and perhaps a bit boring) wallet.

The Runner Up: Happy Feet in Bright Shoes

Walking in the garden can sometimes be a not very pleasurable experience. Rain can make the soil soggy, and even good shoes can need a thorough wash after. What about having a specific shoe for the garden that is waterproof, colorful, comfortable, and easy washable?

Among the ones reviewed, the sloggers are definitely among the most wanted due to also their colorful patterns, and nice and comfy insoles. They have a massive (more than 10) varieties of colors and patterns to choose from. The blue ones (Midsummer blue) are by far the ones I would recommend (who does not like blue!).

Remember to order a size larger to allow you to use them in winter with thick socks if needed (however, people found them comfortable even without socks).

Other 29 Great Gifts Ides

The best three are just those that to me and my friends stand out the most. However, what about all the others gift that did not make the cut but they are still too good to not be mentioned?

There are so many that were so close to being the top 3 that would not be fair to mention them. Here you have them!

Grow Your Veggy at Home

Is someone passionate about growing their own vegetables? Hence, this all in one kit from Plant Theater on Amazon for those that love growing their vegetables. Even for beginner gardeners, it will make the sprouting process easier.

Why? You have all you need.

  • First, a large variety of seeds (carrot, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, courgette, and more). These are good quality with a high sprouting rate.
  • Second, you have 5 peat growing biodegradable, and 5 Peat Discs. The peat discs are special soil-based discs that allow the seeds to develop very easily making the transplant to their final pot very easily.

Remember, this is a starting kit. The person that receives it, needs to have some soil and a large pot (or an outdoor garden) where to place the seedling once they are ready for a new planter (when they are a few inches tall).

For The Cat Lovers: Kitty Pot

Are you thinking of a gardening gift for a cat lover? Go no further. This tiny cute ceramic planter on Amazon is the perfect gift for cat lovers. It is a 4.2 inches tall planter made of a high quality ceramic with a charming and gently colored cat face.

They are designed for succulents, but any plant, at least in its first stages of growth, can benefit from it. They have a drainage hole and a good looking wooden saucer (this comes only for the larger mug, remember to check as there are two versions usually).

There are 6 types of pots (each one with a different cat painted on it). Some gardeners use it plant catnip (an herb that cats love). However, in this case, place the pot on the floor or find a way to fix it on the surface. Indeed, a fall is enough to break it (it is ceramic after all).

Remember that the large kitty pots do come with saucers, but not the small ones.

Natural Touch: Tree Trunk Planter

Window Garden is a company I have never heard before. This brave couple started a side project that became a USA-based startup, all centered in helping others in developing plants indoors by bringing indoor the beauty of the outdoor nature.

One of their product is this natural-looking (on Amazon) woodland-themed planter. It is 7 inches long and 3 inches tall. They use a high-quality mix of cement/plaster (it is not wood despite its look, which is good news as wood degrades over time and becomes home of many unwanted insects. I love the natural outdoorsy look of this planter.

It can easily fit on any windowsill. They are quite requested, so if you do not find this model, do not despair. They produce quite a few of them, and they are always trying to make more from their growing customers.

To note that despite not being advertised on Amazon this gift also includes sheet moss, a drain plug and coco coir discs. Hence, the person who receives need to expanded to add some water to the the coco discs before planting anything on it.

To add some touch also you can check some decorative stones (check the article on soil cover if you do not know what they are).

The Avocado Starter

If you never tried (or even thought) to grow an avocado, you probably just started gardening. I can guarantee that growing an avocado plant is fun and quite rewarding. Especially at the beginning, when you can observe those massive roots coming out from that gigantic seed. However, you usually need to place wooden skewers or toothpicks in the seed and let it float on a glass for a while.

This quick and easy seed starter on Amazon makes life so simple (almost lazy!). Indeed, with this gift, the person that receives it has no excuses to give it a try (remember to tell them to wait, avocado seeds are a slow starter but definitely worth the effort). This is especially good for a very young gardener (kids in particular) as it will make the whole process risk free and so much fun.

Show The Gardening Love

Being a gardener is something that you might want to proudly show. What’s bout a cool t-shirt. It is an inexpensive and handy gift that she can use in those long spring days spent in the garden pruning, planting, and moving pots around.

This funny t-shirt on Amazon (the plant whispers) is quite original. You have a wide variety of colors to hoes from. You can go for the classic pink, but honestly, white or a kelly green or purple are pretty cool and quite vivid colors that your her might like.

The Cute Tree: Guardians of The Galaxy (Baby Groot)

If your “her” is a fan of the guardian of the galaxy, this is a great gift idea. If not, it still looks like a cute living tree. This is the cut Baby Groot planter on Amazon, the most adorable character of the guardians of the galaxy (a small tree with human features).

This 6 inches tall (weighs around 13 ounces) planter (in plastic material) is great for growing small plants (avoid edible though) as it also presents a drainage hole at the bottom. Remember that it does not come with a saucer. It is not a massive issue. You can either buy one or very likely the person that receives will have one.

A little trick: if you do not know, just ask her what she thinks about this movie as you are planning (well pretending) to watch it. This a sneaky way to understand if she likes it without making her suspicious. By the way, if you did not watch it, just give it a shot, it is a quite fun and heart lighted movie.

Many gardeners are using it to grow spider plants, small succulents or air plants. Some others are placing it within glass containing some decorative stones. The imagination is the real limit here.

A Glass Garden: For The Artistic

Have you ever observed a garden within a glass? Boring? Think again. Terrarium, for those of you who do not know, is an elegant glass container ideal for low maintenance plants (very often succulents and air plants).

This container also can host soil and other outdoor looking features (stones, moss, etc.) that mimic the open nature. Terrarium as this stylish one on Amazon, More than a planter, it becomes a piece of art and decor for a classy living room.

This is officially a planter but it is not the classic conical ones, far from being! They come in different shapes (such as globe, teardrop, and bowl) of around 5 inches in diameter (slightly larger than your open hand). I do personally like the gold looking frame.

This by far the most artistic planter I know (although is way more than a partner!). You cannot water it as you would do for a normal plant (it will leak). Better to use a sprayer.

Preparing a terrarium is by far the most entertaining part. This container comes empty (that is without plant or soil in it). This is the challenge. The person that receives it can personalize it with no restrictions. Terrariums are rewarding to fill and maintain. A real treat for garden lovers.

A Planter With Style: Not The Usual Pot

Let’s be honest; planters are often boring. Those plastic brown or black containers often do look out of place in a living room. The only thing you can do to make them more interesting is to cover them with a decorative planter. However, what about a real planter that looks good?

The Homenote here on Amazon is one of the few exceptions. Its realistic wood-like texture appearance makes them (they are two) very stylish planters that can blend in and make a living room (way) more welcoming.

These 2 planters are made in sturdy ceramic, one round while the other exagon in shape with a height of around 6 and 5 inches respectively (and a width of 5 and 4 inches).

This is because they have a texture that realistically imitates the wood annual ring on a tree. They are also equipped with convenient drainage holes (but no saucers), quite important if you want to maintain your plant alive. The larger pot is around 6 inches tall and white while the other one is around 4 inches.

Were you expecting a wood planter? Better no. Wood planters tend to break down over time, attracting all sorts of insects.

Tea For The Herbs Lovers: Stupidly Easy To Clean

Does the person you are thinking of is a tea-lover? If so, perhaps she is also growing her own herbs (mint, chamomile) to enjoy her own tea! That’s what I do with the mint I grow.

A handy, sturdy, good looking, and hassle-free tea maker as the Grosche on Amazon is then something that you might want to consider.

What’s special with this tea maker? Are not all made equal? No. If you never brewed tea yourself, you do not know that can be quite a task to avoid having a cup full of leaves or small pieces of it. The same applies to the cleaning. Make sure that there are no leaves left inside can be quite troublesome. Finally, when pouring tea is very easy, with a common and cheap tea maker, to spill all over the place.

This tea maker is extremely easy to clean. Once done with pouring the tea, just run some tap into the machine (no electricity needed). Moreover, the pouring system is designed to avoid annoying dripping. Also, it is designed with food-safe material differently from other cheaper tea makers.

The only drawback I can see is its glass and modern look. It is not a gift that I would give to my grandmother (she used to like more traditional porcelain tea makers).

Reading In Nature: The Herbalist Book

What about reading a relaxing book under the sun in the company of flowers, plants, trees? If the gardener you are thinking of enjoys books and grow herbs (from basil, mint, rosemary etc..), then this can be a great pick.

The Green Witch Guide on Amazon is full of natural recipes for herbal blends and potions, essential oils, seasonal rituals, meditations, discussing seasonal cycles and energy. This book promises to help harness body and soul—and the power of nature so the reader can find a great balance.

I have to say that this book (I did not read it personally although a few friends did), is more for those into using herbs for their essential oils and relaxation. It is also classified as a “witchcraft book” (mainly an introductory one focused on beginners). For such reason, so many gardeners (especially among women) love it.

This book has also a quite positive attitude to herb-based craft as does not have any push in any ideology. It is just a pack of good knowledge for the reader.

Have a look at yourself on Amazon; you should be able to also read some sample pages!

A Cooking Book But For Gardeners

Were you thinking of a gift for a gardener that likes cooking? Well, in this case, the solution is quite easy. What about this recipe book on Amazon based on culinary herbs? Not all culinary books are the same. Even though many recipes adopt herbs, not all of them do and so filtering them out is a hassle.

This recipe book on Amazon is quite an outlier as an-all in one. Indeed it not only provides recipes focused on herbs but also detailed guidance (but not overwhelming) on how to grow (from seeds), take care (water, pests), and harvest and storage so many different culinary herbs.

It is a classic hardback book that solves the problem with more than 30 recipes with detailed instructions, lovely pictures, and illustrations. This book has a very smart layout, structure, content.

This is a book that I do recommend to anyone that grows herbs and/or loves cooking with them! Herbs make a massive difference on the kitchen. Think how boring would be a fragrant stake without a fragrant rosemary touch or some summer salad without mint!

Spice and Herbs: The Gold Combination

A gift for someone who loves herbs and spices? In this case, why not a clear book rich of stunning images, discussing spice and herb tastes, and how they can be used.

This is then the book on Amazon that you might want to check out. This is a great plus for all of those afraid of trying spices due to their “kick” and “spiciness,” increasing their cooking vocabulary significantly and encouraging them to try different flavors that otherwise will always be out of reach (or mouth).

The book is divided into chapters each one focused on a specific taste (sweet, citrus, licorice, minty, onion, etc…) for both herbs and spices. This is fantastic as you have a list of herbs that you need depending on the taste you want to add to the dish.

The 300+ pages are a pleasure to see in full color, glossy, and with high-quality pictures. It also provides the scientific name of the plants (Latin). This is very useful when you want to identify specific herbs (many of them have the same common name, but not Latin one).

As a plus, you can also find information on rare spice (think about galangal or gains of paradise).

The end of the book is full of recipes. It is a really enjoyable book and handy encyclopedia to know so much about herb and spicy.

Minimalist Succulent Style

Someone that is a succulent fan will definitely enjoy trying new pots and planters. Succulents, due to their typically small size, they do not look good in an anonymous plastic pot.

A friend of mine (a designer and a beginner gardener), suggested me these modern ceramic pots on Amazon (up to 6) with a clean and minimalistic (quite trendy these days) design. They look great on a wooden coffee table or on a windowsill. The bright color of succulents often creates a stunning contrast.

As every good planter, they are equipped with drainage holes, and they are around 3 inches high.

The planter comes with a perfect fit wooden saucer, differently from other brands. There are many brands there. However, if you are in harry or you do not want to spend hours checking and order these.

From Seed To Harvest: The All in One Kit

A gift for an herb lover or someone that just started into gardening? Having some help on the way from start to end can make a massive difference in building confidence and avoiding quitting for some of the most common gardening mistakes that otherwise might happen.

This what a gardening kit is all about! In this case, check out this kit on Amazon that comes with 40 pieces, from reusable pots, soil discs, and even bamboo markers to place on the pot so as to recognize each herb (hard when they are seedling as they look more or less the same).

For expert gardeners, this can still be quite fun as having something ready will allow them to start straight away. Do not forget that this quite fun to set up with kids!

Side suggestion. For the maximum effect (especially if you are giving this gift in winter) might be a great idea to provide a grow light. Do not be worried; it does not need to be expensive. However, without sufficient light, the seedlings might stop developing.

Second suggestion: I checked the pots. They are good material and they have drainage holes, essentially for herbs. However, they are smaller than it is necessary for a fully grown plant. Hence, if I was in you, after 1-2 months of growing them in those pots I will place the plants in larger ones (10 inches or above).

Watering With Style: A Bronze Can

Even a humble tool like a watering can, might become an extremely welcome gift. Not because your garden friend, spouse, or relatives need one (very likely they have it already) but because it can also be an extremely good looking piece of furniture, especially indoor.

This is the case of this stainless steel vintage looking watering can on Amazon. It has a capacity of 1.3 liters and has a long spout perfect for reaching small pots all over the house and wall-mounted planters without dripping water all over the place. What makes this can unique is its retro design with that vintage copper paint and its minimalistic design ideal for indoor.

To note that is also lightweight, ideal for senior gardener as well.

The Finest Garden Fragrance: Lilac

Whoever had the chance to pass by a blooming lilac bush can easily recognize its pleasant and delicate fragrance. It is a truly mesmerizing aroma that many women love.

No, do not worry, I am not suggesting to buy a whole tree (perhaps plant one). Indeed, do you know that the same fragrance can be collected (through the plant oils) and hosted in a graceful and delicate glass bottle?

If not here, you have it. This perfume on Amazon (1 Oz or 29ml), whose main ingredient is based on a lilac, it contains also notes of magnolia leaves, heliotrope, nectarine, and others. Very likely, as none of this fragrance is dominant (except for lilac) you might no be able to individually distinguish them if not a heavy dose of the luscious violet. This fragrance lasts for up to 3 to 5 hours generally.

If the person you are thinking of likes lilac, then this is a great gift idea.

Lavender Fragrance All Year Round

Does she love lavender? Easy to tell. If she has a lavender plant growing indoor or outdoor, then you are on something. Lavender shrubs are famous for their beautiful purple flowers, and for their unique fragrance (especially the English type).

Why not have that same fragrance all year round then with lavender essential oils. Check this one on Amazon, is a pretty good one.

Essential oils are obtained by extracting the lavender “liquids” through a long distillation process (this youtube video if you are curious). These oils are a concentrated version of the plant fragrance. Just a few droplets diluted with other oil or water and you can create your personalized perfume.

Important also to mention the endless benefits of lavenders claimed by the many that used this oil (from asthma relive, to skin redness) or to give a pleasant aroma to rugs, mattresses (making bath bomb) or to simply fall asleep.

Remember, that you can make the best use of this essential oil (or whatever oil you want to use) with a diffuser that automatically mists it in her house (this one is a good one on Amazon).

The Floreal Garden Bag: All in Once

Do you want to give some gardening tools, and you do not know which one? Why not all of them at once?

This is possible with this quite affordable and floral gardening kit on Amazon. It present a large amount of pieces such as:

  • Trovel
  • Pruner
  • Garden Gloves with Claws
  • Transplanter
  • Weeder
  • Hand Rake
  • Hand Fork
  • Kneeler Pad (great for those with knee problems)

What I found more appealing in this bag than others is the floral pattern on heavy-duty and rust-resistance aluminum. This gives a happy and joyful note to the whole kit (without forgetting the nice bag they come with) that is also of pretty good quality.

To note also the addition of the knee mat that, contrary to what I was expecting, is of a decent good size. The bag also presents many small and side pockets where you can place your phone, keys, or whatever you need to carry with you while outside gardening.

Socks That Do Not Pass Unnoticed

If one of the previous gift idea was a pair of shoes, what about matching them with a pair of socks?

This pair of hilarious ankle socks on Amazon is made 80% in cotton and 20% in polyamide. These socks fit shoe size from 5 to 10, they are machine washable. Many used them for a list 2-3 years with no problem, so it looks also quite durable material.

People love them, especially for their fun gardening patterns and their green colors. They are not only great for adults but also for kids.

Remember that this are not for cold and rainy winter. Indeed, as relatively thin are more for summer, and spring.

A Bracelet For Sisters and Close Friends

This delicate cuff bracelet on Amazon is more a gift for a sister or any very close (female) friend. This stainless, nickel, and lead-free bracelets are engraved with the sweet phrasing “sisters are different flowers from the same garden.”

It is of a quite interesting design and attention to many small details that make such product a good quality worth gift:

  • The arrow on the inside are quite cute making the quote more pleasant
  • The front is solid silver that does not bend over time due to its usage but, with some strength, can be easily adjusted to the wrist size
  • Its simple design allows you to match this bracelet quite easily with any clothes (from some elegant nightdress to a more simple t-shirt)
  • The quote is in the inner part of the bracelet (in bold and pretty clear characters) so not visible to others
  • As extra, this bracelet arrives in a good looking jewelry box, quite nice for a low price range product
  • The ending are smooth, small details that will save the wrist from unwanted scratches.
  • They keep their color over a long time
  • Do not contain nickel

Such bracelets measures around 2.5 inches (65 millimeters) and 0.2 inches high (6 millimeters). However, do not worry, they fit any wrist. It is just sufficient to press them to adapt to your wrist size.

This is an ideal gift for birthday, Christmas, or any anniversary of friendship with some floral touch.

A Bright Frog (Literally)

Does she like frogs? Well, having a real jumping frog around is “kind” of difficulty. However, nothing prevents you in giving her a green fog that, with its bright eyes, cast some light through the dark night of the garden!

I am talking about this 9-inches frog on Amazon, with grass-like skin and a stony looking like belly, equipped with two lights (one per eyes) that brighten the garden when the suns go away.

This frog is equipped with AAA batteries and a mini solar panel on the back. It charges during the day to then automatically turn on for up to 7 hours when the light starts fading away (thanks to a light sensor). The battery should last up to 2 years.

This cute frog is suitable for outdoor applications (porch, decks) or even on top some outside dining table. It needs to be placed in sunny spots to charge its battery during daylight hours. However, a friend of mine just placed the frog on the windowsill of the living room! She just remembers to rotate him to make its back face the daylight (so the battery charge).

It is not difficult to believe that many find this frog adorable, making everyone smile and feels safe (especially at night if the illumination is poor, there are stairs or somehow there is a risk to step on some pretty flowers when accessing the house).

Wind Chime Hummingbird

Wind chimes are a classic gift but still captivating especially if they have some original touch to it. Hence, what about, a transparent hummingbird that lights up at night, reflecting mesmerizing colors, different from each one.

This is a set of 6 hummingbirds on Amazon equipped with a small led inside that changes color over time, automatically producing red, yellow, green, orange, purple, red, and blue hue. They also shine during the daytime by reflecting the natural sunlight.

They charge themselves automatically during the day and glow at night (they are equipped with one 1.2V rechargeable battery). From time to time just wipe the top of it, to make sure that the solar panel on top can charge enough to shed light at night (they also charge during a cloud day). They do not require any connection to plugs so they can be placed literally everywhere.

This wind chin can easily last many years have had them for years becoming also the envy of your neighbors. Many give this gift to friends, and relatives with large outdoor garden spaces or outdoor areas (gazebo, patio, yard).

Although I use them mainly outdoor, surprisingly enough some people place them indoor, on their windows, and buy batteries so often (as indoor they might not receive enough light to recharge) or not at all (as they are pretty also at daylight). Also to note that, differently from other wind chin, they do not produce such sounds, they are more for a staggering display.

A Fountain (Why Not?)

At first, before chatting with some gardeners friends, I thought it was a joke. However, you do not need to buy stones and create a pipe for it. Pre-built fountains are available online, already built with their own water and (even) light system.

This original fountain on Amazon is 33 inches tall and almost 30 lb in weight. As you can guess, it is not made in stones but with way lighter polyresin material (the same used for figurines and some decorative furniture). It presents four bowls from which the water gently drips evocating the sounds of a waterfall.

One of the coolest features is the presence of some orange lights at the bottom of the bowls that create a great effect when passing through water, especially at night time. This will make this fountain a center of attention both day and night time.

It does come with a small pump that needs to be connected to a plug. So you need to have a socket nearby. It comes also with a grid cover for the three bottom bowls (to avoid animal birds and rabbits drinking on it if you do not want to).

Here a curiosity: as strange as it sounds, some people like it so much that they place it indoors with their pets drinking from it and enjoying their sound. Others, as they did not like its stone color looking, they decided to paint it (an interesting DIY idea).

Lack of Space? The Vertical Garden

Every passionate gardener with just a backyard or a small garden will soon run out of space. How many times curiosity willingness to experiment with new plants, flowers, or edible herbs was stopped by available surface area?

With this vertical pot on Amazon, this is not a limit anymore. This is a pot that occupies a small surface area, but it can grow several times the number of plants. How? The pots stacked on top of each other in an elegant, good looking, and sturdy vertical structure. These are sold as strawberry planters, but, to be honest, you can grow everything there.

The structure contains five stackable planters that can host almost 30 quarts (7.5 gallons) of soil. Each planter is equipped with drainage holes that have the advantage of saving some water as the top planter will also allow to water the ones below. Of course, you are also free (actually, I do recommend) to water each planter individually with a watering can.

More importantly, with so much extra space available, you can experiment creating.

Planter With an Extra

Having a planter that matches the decor of the room where it is located does make a massive difference. Having a planter that becomes a piece of design in a living room it is even better.

This is the case of this minimalistic planter on Amazon (equipped with drainage holes) on a wooden stand do class up a room in a very elegant way. Forget the bully, plastic-looking planter (those are good or the outside).

Its mild color is quite suited for indoor applications. Remember that it can be used both for house plants and succulents (the small version) and that the stand is extremely easy and quick to assemble.

The stand is very short, so it is also good to be placed at the center of a dining table, coffee table or large kitchen counter (in this case, go for a low maintenance plant like a succulent or a spider plant so to avoid too frequent watering and spilling water on the table).

The Garden Turtles

Frogs seem to be quite popular recently (and understandably). In case you did not like the idea of a bright-eyes frog as a gift (suggested earlier), perhaps a couple of turtles (with frog faces) on a small tree branch is the choice to make her day.

This is 9-inch tall couple of turtles on Amazon made from resin with high-quality paint and equipped with a protective coating that preserves their colors even in a long exposure of sunlight. They are also water-resistant for longer durability outside.

These two small adorable turtles, with frog faces and their vibrant colors detailed features, can definitely embellish any garden and be a pleasant surprise with kids as well. They fit extremely well near a pond as well blended with the grass and the surrounding nature.

However, given their cuteness, it is not uncommon to place them indoor (especially on coffee tables where they look great).

Just remember, they are not recommended for fish tanks or similar.

Mason Jar To Light Her Garden

A mason jar, due to their retro look, is a charming object. Just google it, and you will find dozens of mason jar projects (from planter to candles). However, this time, what about some droplets of light in it?

This is a package of 4 mason jars on Amazon filled with a light string supplied by a small solar panel placed on the lid (with a AAA rechargeable battery included). They are equipped with a waterproof lid, and they also have a hanger that allows you to place them on a sunny spot in your yard or on some tree or tall shrubs.

They make a great display at night (what about a nice dinner out during summer?) both in the outdoor and indoor garden (some people like having a bright mason jar on a coffee table). They create a fairy and romantic atmosphere.

They are made of thick glass, with metal ring 20 white (warm) LEDs lights that produce no heat, long-lasting and safe to use. Nedless to say that those mason jars do not require any plugging, the battery and a few hours of good light will be enough to brighten your night. As a rule of thumb 5 hours of good sun will be enough power to let the mason jar shine for 8 hours (it turns on automatically).

The Succulent Master

Do you think about a gift for a succulents lover gardener? Well, does she have some tools to take care of them? Everything can be done by hand (I used too). However, having the right tools makes life easier, and taking care of succulents is way more entertaining.

Here you have 15 succulent-designed tools on Amazon that will make her life easier (and neater) when watering, aerating the soil, pruning, transplanting, and more.

Such tools are not limited to succulents. Any small size plant (even bonsai) will benefit in using such a kit. Indeed, especially when handling small plants (and if you have big hands!) it can be quite challenging and messing to work with them.

Here the full kit:

  • A small sprayer
  • Two shovels
  • One miniaturized watering can that just produce droplets of water
  • Rake, spade, and shovel
  • Dust blower
  • A tool to place seeds
  • Hole Punches
  • Two pairs succulents tip tweezers (straight and curved ending)
  • A scoop
  • A cleaning brush,
  • One pair of tiny scissors (quite sharp and precise)

I did not mention that it is a great value for money given its low price. A great gift idea for succulent lovers (both beginners to boost up their skills and experts that might want to replace some of their tools).

Succulent Owls and Stands

A gift that valorizes succulents in the usual way? What about three little owls contemplating the view from a tree?

This is exactly what you get with this set on Amazon. A combo of three cute owl-shaped snow-white ceramic planters on a minimalistic bamboo-tree stand.

The pots have drainage holes, the bamboo stand is very good looking and more importantly sturdy and durable. The same applies to the ceramic pot, definitely not cheap material.

The stand is around 8 inches tall and wide easy to assemble (small screwdriver included!). The three pots, each one 3 inches wide and height, are quite small, so small succulents there. It can be placed everywhere, from the windowsill of your living room to the center of a dining table.

An inexpensive item that will make the day of all succulents lovers.

A Wall Indoor Planter

The lack of space is always a problem for indoor gardeners. You cannot invade the whole floor as you need to walk on it, and we cannot fly (yet). Hence, what about placing your plants on the wall?

This is what can be done with these wall-mounted planters on Amazon. They give an aesthetic touch to both homes and offices. The planters are made of ceramic and it is wall supported by a square (or round)-shaped metal ring (they come in grey and copper color).

Worries about leaking water on the floor? No worries, these planters do not have drainage holes. In this case, you might want to place a low maintenance plant (that requires little water) or place a simple plastic pot within this ceramic.

In such cases remember to have pebbles or similar at the bottom of the ceramic planter before placing the plastic pot (this prevents having the bottom part of the soil to be constantly wet).

They are another inexpensive option that can make a gardener happy, giving also a way to embellish the walls. is part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites like mine to earn advertising fees by promoting good quality products. I may receive a small commission when you buy through links on my website.