Over the years, we received countless emails from you! We deeply appreciated your support as it makes us willing to offer you more and more.

Around a year ago I see my niece enjoying some puzzles. They were quite low quality, with repetitive words and not really engaging. So, for her and for all the kids and adults and gardener enthusiasts I decided to team up with the fantastic team of “PictorialBee” to produce stunning, high-quality, gardening books. These will be focused with you in mind!

I was having enough of seeing low quality gardening books. Let’s make them stunning, fun and change the way people learn. Here the idea of puzzle learning books!

Yourindoorherbs and Garden Team

Our Recent Publications

Here is the list of publications we have ready for you in paperback in the Amazon marketplace! Keep an eye on this list! It will get bigger and bigger! Have a suggestion in mind? Any book you would like to see that does not exist? Contact us!

Gardening Word Search (+10 Surprises)

This is a stunning Wordsearch book tailored to gardeners beginners and experts covering topics ranging from seeds to herbs and lots of flowers. We packed it with 10 unique cool facts that will make you stand out from the crowd!

100 word search puzzles, 120+ large fonts pages for hours of entertaining! This is tailored for kids and adults alike!