Let’s be honest, not every gardener has a sizable plot of land for growing a myriad of crops that would need an irrigation system. Most of us only have small and medium-sized gardens in our homes. Some even only have a few spots here and there, throughout their houses, that would be great for small potted indoor plants.

For regular gardeners, a watering can will provide a great solution to making sure their plant babies are well hydrated. But not all watering cans are equal. Here is a short list of the top watering cans you should definitely check out!

The best watering can for gardening is by far the Plastic Watering Can from Union.

But that’s not the option you have! We also have two great watering can you can choose from. Whether you have a humble little vegetable garden in your backyard or you only have room for a few flowering plants, I’ve got you covered. If looks are as important as functionality for you, don’t worry! I also took those and many other factors into consideration while making this list.

Without further ado, let’s get into the details of my review of watering cans!

Best for Outdoor GardeningBest OverallBest for Small Indoor Gardens
Watering Can from CesunWatering Can from UnionWatering Can from Kibaga
This is a galvanized steel watering can great for a medium-sized outdoor garden, as well as several large potted plants. Proudly display it out on your patio thanks to the additional paint coating.This is a plastic watering can that is heavy-duty but lightweight at the same time. You can leave out, completely exposed to the elements, and not have to worry about giving your lovely plants rusty and chemically contaminated water.This is a stainless steel watering can perfect for your houseplants and microgarden. Easily water your hanging plants without the help of a step stool or mini ladder using its small and thin spout.

Our Top 3 Best Watering Cans for Gardening


When it comes to getting yourself a watering can for your very own garden, you don’t need to shell out a lot of money to find the perfect one. My top pick, the Union watering can, will prove just that to you!

Watering Can FeatureDescription
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)17 x 7.25 x 13 inches (64 x 27 x 49 centimeters)
Item Weight10.4 ounces (295 grams)
Water Capacity2 gallons (7.57 liters)
MaterialPlastic (high-density polyethylene)
Features of Union Watering Can

Now, here are the factors that make it a cut above all the other watering cans!

The Plain but Practical Choice

You can strike the perfect balance between price and practicality with this plastic watering can. Whether you have tons of houseplants or a good-sized backyard garden – or even both – this is the best choice you will find.

With this union watering can, you can save on money without having to sacrifice style and quality.

Although it is plain, with only an embossed tulip bunch on either side, it does come in a variety of bright colors to choose from. You won’t lose sight of it even when it’s buried in a thicket of shrubs and flowers.

Holds Up Lots of Water

One of the biggest issues plant lovers have with watering cans usually has to do with the multiple back-and-forth trips from the kitchen or bathroom sink to the garden (especially true if you do not have a tap outside). With Union’s large plastic watering can though, you’ll never have that problem!

This watering canister can hold up to 2 gallons (7.57 liters) of water. Due to its generous water-holding capacity, the number of your refilling trips will be greatly reduced, if not completely done away with.

Personally, I think 2 gallons is just enough for easy carrying – even with only one hand. If it could store much more than that, it would definitely be hard to lug it around, especially for people with smaller, more petite builds.

In case you have a considerably larger-than-normal home garden, plus tons of other potted plants in and around your house: Fill your can to the brim with water, then start watering the plants farthest from your refilling station.

By the time you would need to reload your watering can, you are already near the faucet. However, my friends and I who use this Union watering can have yet to need more than one trip for our herbs, flowers, and many other greeneries.

Ergonomic Handle and Mouth Design

Unlike the majority of plastic watering cans available in the market, this Union watering can boasts a cleverly designed rear fill hole.

The possibility of having water gush out from the mouth while titling the can forward is pretty much down to zero because of the hole placement. Just keep in mind that this watering can’s mouth is relatively small. You may need a bottle brush cleaner to clean the inside thoroughly after using water-soluble plant food to ensure your plant babies are in tip-top shape.

Plus, no handle is in the way of the fill hole, otherwise known as the mouth, which makes refilling and cleaning much easier. You won’t need to maneuver it around just to get the faucet to directly meet the mouth.

Both the carrying and tipping handles are smooth and rounded that are comfortable even after prolonged use. Although both are totally fixed into place, they don’t cover up the mouth. The top carrying handle is placed right in front of the fill hole while the side tipping handle is right behind it.

Perfect for Watering Different Plants

Having specific watering cans for different plants is costly and, among anything else, wasteful. You wouldn’t want to crush and drown your seedlings with a deluge that a wide-spouted watering can will provide, right? But your bigger plants might need that much water so it reaches their roots.

This union watering can has a sufficiently sized spout with a removable rose which is great for watering a variety of plants. You can easily screw and unscrew the rose – also called a rosette or a showerhead. It has dozens of even holes that would be perfect for seedlings, herbs, and other delicate greens – allowing for equal water distribution.

For more precise watering, just take off the rose. By doing that, you won’t have to worry about spill-overs when watering houseplants either.

Since the bulk of the weight is centered on this watering can’s body, you can easily control the flow of water for your plants’ needs. You can hold on to the tipping handle alone or get a firm grip of the top carrying handle at the same time for greater balance.

The only drawback this watering can has is that its spout is quite short and a bit wide. You will have a bit of trouble getting in between dainty and sensitive plants.

Nearly Indestructible Material

Owing to the fact that this is produced using UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene, Union’s 2-gallon plastic watering can is both lightweight and heavy-duty.

Now, I know people tend to shy away from plastics these days due to concerns for safety and sustainability. So is this an issue for the watering can that tops my list? The straight answer is: no. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is one of the safest plastics used in a variety of industries. In fact, HDPE is usually used in creating milk jugs and juice bottles because it is food-grade plastic.

As long as you use it as intended (for watering and feeding your plants), you won’t experience it cracking or breaking. You would probably have to jump on top of it with your full weight to even see slight denting.

What’s more, is that this HDPE watering can is highly resistant to usually corrosive chemical solutions and 100% recyclable and reusable. Unlike metal and ceramic ones, this Union watering can won’t get damaged from acidic, alkaline, and alcoholic cleaning agents.

In the very rare case that it does get wrecked, upcycle it into a cute planter or clean it and bring it to your local recycling center. Old and ruined but clean HDPE products can be recycled into, among other things, stuff such as toys, trash bins, and outdoor furniture.


Got a smaller vegetable and fruit garden at your place? Maybe you’re an urban gardener with gardens on both your patio and balcony with medium-sized containers. Either way, you need this reliable watering can from Cesun!

Watering Can FeatureDescription
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)13.2 x 9.1 x 7.5 inches (34 x 23 x 19 centimeters)
Item Weight32.8 ounces (930 grams)
Water Capacity1 gallon (3.79 liters)
MaterialGalvanized steel
Features of Cesun Watering Can

Sturdy Build

Coming in second place for my list of top three watering cans for gardeners is Cesun’s watering can is created using hard-wearing galvanized steel with an additional protective coating of paint.

Normally, most metal watering cans degrade and develop rust after only a few years of being exposed to our ever-changing environment. Others have even experienced this happening when under climates which were not that extreme.

To prevent corrosion from occurring at an alarmingly fast rate, steel must be treated or galvanized. Because of this, many seem to have the misconception that galvanized metals will never rust regardless of the environment they are exposed to, as well as the ways in which they are utilized.

However, even galvanized steel will eventually develop rust after a few decades’ time. It can break down from constant subjection to highly alkaline and acidic substances – particularly ones that contain sulfuric acids.

In order to extend the life of galvanized steel products for even longer, a preservative outer coating such as paint will be needed. With that, galvanized still basically become rust-proof. That is, of course, only until the protective layers get chipped away and exposes the steel within.

Amazing bonus: galvanized steel is recyclable too!

Clean and Classic Style

Besides being functional, the paint coating on this galvanized watering can also makes for a clean and classic look. Admittedly, metal watering cans do give off an air of elegance that plastic types usually just aren’t capable of exuding.

This painted galvanized steel watering can from Cesun also doubles as a gorgeous piece of decor. It goes beyond simply serving its main purpose of hydrating and fertilizing plants. This particular model comes in a range of great color combinations you can choose from!

You don’t have to stow it away in your gardening shed or garage. Even when left out among your plants, it doesn’t detract from the beauty of your blooming flowers and brilliantly colored leaves.

Sufficient Capacity

As this watering can is made of galvanized metal materials, it will definitely feel much heftier than your average plastic watering can. But it’s not too heavy either.

This galvanized steel watering can has a water-holding capacity of 1 gallon (3.79 liters). So even when completely filled, it will not be too heavy for even your kids to carry around. Invite your kids to join you in tending the garden! It will give them a great learning experience and precious memories.

If you have a pretty sizable outdoor garden, you may need to go on one or two refilling trips to ensure all your crops get enough water.

However, for most other people – those who only had a medium-scale raised bed garden or a decent container garden out in their balcony and/or porch – this 1-gallon galvanized steel watering can is enough for a few dozen plants.

Hassle-Free Design

If you were to ask me to give you one word to describe this watering can’s design, it would be: ergonomic. The creators seemed to have put comfort and ease of use at the top of their priorities while drafting their designs. I honestly admire their commitment since they also test out each and every single one of their watering cans for leaks before shipping them out.

Both refilling and cleaning are a breeze thanks to this watering can’s wide rear mouth. More precisely, it measures 6.3 in (16 cm) from each side and 3.74 in (9.5 cm) from front to back. No more crying over spilled milk – or well, water! Also, you can easily jam your hand in if you need to give it a good wash inside.

Much like the product from Union, this steel watering can also has a rose attachment for the spout. You can give your herbs and seedlings a gentle and even sprinkling and make sure your bigger and bulkier plants receive ample water.

Just a piece of advice though, make sure to properly dry this portion, especially in between the threads of the removable rosette, to prevent corrosion.

To answer reasonable concerns about the long spout possibly breaking off or getting misshapen, Cesun’s 1-gallon steel watering can has a spout brace for added support.

Finally, on top of all that, both the rounded carrying and tipping handles are smoothened out for safe and comfortable holding. Having two handles gives you the certainty of maintaining balance even while carrying the watering can to and fro. You won’t have to fret about accidentally emptying out all the water during your trip to the garden.

Adjustable Carrying Handle

Before moving on to the third and last watering can on my recommendation list, I just want to tell you more about the top handle.

As I have previously mentioned while discussing the first product, the major design flaw most other watering cans in the market are guilty of is having a fixed carrying handle blocking the fill hole. But the manufacturers of this watering can aren’t guilty of such bad design.

This galvanized steel watering can that Cesun offers has a movable carrying handle at the top. You can hold onto it and the tipping handle at the same time to ensure even watering.

If you’re the type who likes to keep all your garden tools and equipment behind closed doors, the adjustable top makes storage easier. You don’t have to give up head room. Instead, you can utilize every inch of your shed, closet, or cabinet.


Looking for a good watering can for your houseplants that won’t take away from your home’s perfectly planned out interior design even when it’s left out in the open? Then this fashionable watering can from Kibaga is exactly what you need!

Watering Can FeatureDescription
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)14.5 x 5.5 x 7 inches (37 x 14 x 18 centimeters)
Item Weight15.2 ounces (430 grams)
Water Capacity0.31 gallons (1.2 liters)
MaterialStainless steel
Features of Kibaga Watering Can

Perfect for Small Gardens

I know some people will probably raise an eyebrow upon realizing that this stainless steel watering can has a relatively low water holding capacity. But keep in mind that for some people who are pressed for space, having a few potted plants around the house is a great alternative to having a big garden or greenhouse outside.

Although this stainless steel watering can from Kibaga can only carry about 1/3 of a gallon (1.2 liters) at a time, it will work like a charm for small-scale indoor gardeners. In fact, that’s more than enough to keep your small and medium potted and/or hanging plants hydrated and healthy.

Whether you have a humble herb garden in your kitchen, a couple of hanging orchids and flower planters, a cute and colorful succulent garden by your working desk, or a few potted greens scattered around the sunlit areas of your house – this is perfect for you!

Yes, it is quite expensive for the size. But in my opinion the quality, design, and look all make up for the price! It’s a great gift for fellow plant lovers too, so buy a couple more for your friends and family while you’re at it.

Sleek and Stylish Look

Are you on the search for a chic indoor watering can that will match your home’s overall style? Then this watering can will your hunt!

More than being useful, this copper-plated stainless steel indoor watering can also makes for a great statement piece and conversation starter. Boldy display it on your kitchen counter, the coffee table, by the window, or anywhere else.

Copper is timeless. It is a color that goes well with virtually all styles of interior design – be it Hollywood glam, industrial, rustic, coastal, mid-century modern, or what have you. The clean lines and smooth curves also greatly add to its versatile aesthetics and functionality.

Even though it only has one circular handle, it actually serves two roles: carrying and tipping. Moreover, the smooth, rounded handle won’t dig into your palms no matter how hard you grip onto it.

There is also plenty of space between the handle and mouth for effortless filling and cleaning.

Reach New Heights

When gardeners have limited space to play with inside their homes, they start eyeing unused head room and bare walls. But having to drag around a mini ladder to properly reach hanging plants and tall vertical gardens can be quite troublesome.

Kibaga offers a smart solution for this. Using their stainless steel watering can’s long gooseneck spout, you can painlessly water plants kept in high places. You don’t even have to go on tiptoes just to reach those heights.

Clever Spill-Free Solution

One major advantage this watering can has over the two products I’ve already reviewed has something to do with the spout aspect as well. Despite the fact that water is vital to a plant’s vitality, not all greens do great with having it showered all over them.

You can prevent leaf rot and damage with precise gentle watering with the sturdy but thin spout of this watering can model. The absence of a wide rose at the end of the spout also solves the issue of water getting sprinkled way out of your plant containers’ area.

It also comes with a removable plastic spout cap for spill-free handling.

Made to Last Long

Though I recommend this small watering can for indoor use, others have also successfully used it for their mini outdoor gardens. Guess what? Not a single one of them have complained of rusting! If you’re wondering “why,” the answer is simple: stainless steel.

This watering can is made entirely from high-quality stainless steel which is incredibly durable and also eco-friendly.

Prolonged exposure to extreme weather won’t negatively affect it. Staining won’t be a problem either. It will still look brand new even after months – or years – of usage because stainless steel is inherently greatly resistant to corrosion even without any protective coating.

Got Other Recommendations?

Most of you guys are probably just regular plant lovers like me who would only need a decent-sized watering can for your home gardening needs. After reading through my detailed review, I hope you already have one in mind – or better yet, in your virtual cart, ready for check out and delivery.

If you have other great watering can recommendations which you think deserve to be part of this list, share them with me here.

Again, You Indoor Herb’s top 3 best watering cans for gardening are:


The best watering can for gardeners is well-balanced, designed for comfort and practicality (handles, spout, mouth), has ample water-holding capacity, can be used for various plant types, and is made with durable non-toxic materials.

All things considered, the best choice for gardeners is this Union watering can. Plus, it’s cheap, durable, and super cute!

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