160+ Golden Yellow Tomatoes!

Tired of planting the same old red tomato varieties each year? Now’s the perfect time to try your hand at cultivating stunning yellow tomatoes to share with family and friends!

Besides the common red fruits, various tomato cultivars and varieties can produce glossy yellow-skinned and fleshed fruits of varying shades, shapes, and sizes.

Here are great golden yellow-skinned tomato varieties:

  1. Abracazebra
  2. Amarillo
  3. Ananas Noire
  4. Apple Yellow
  5. Armenian
  6. Aunt Gertie’s Gold
  7. Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry
  8. Azoychka
  9. Banana Legs
  10. Basinga
  11. Beam’s Yellow Pear
  12. Beauty King
  13. Beauty Queen
  14. BHN 901
  15. BHN YC1
  16. Bi-Color Cherry
  17. Big Rainbow
  18. Big Tiger
  19. Big White Pink Stripes
  20. Blondkopfchen
  21. Blush
  22. Brandymaster yellow
  23. Carolina Gold
  24. Cerise Orange
  25. Chef’s Choice Striped
  26. Chello
  27. Copia
  28. Cream Sausage
  29. Csiko Botermo
  30. Dagma’s Perfection
  31. Dr. Carolyn
  32. Dr. Wyche’s Yellow
  33. Egg Yolk
  34. El Dorado
  35. Elberta Girl
  36. Flaming Burst
  37. Galina
  38. Garden Peach
  39. Georgia Streak
  40. Get Stuffed
  41. Giallo De Summer
  42. GinFiz
  43. Gold Medal
  44. Gold Nuggets
  45. Gold Spark
  46. Goldene Konigin
  47. Golden Gem
  48. Golden Girl
  49. Golden Mama
  50. Golden Peach
  51. Golden Ponderosa
  52. Golden Queen
  53. Golden San Marzano
  54. Goldie
  55. Green Zebra Cherry
  56. Hartman’s Yellow Gooseberry
  57. Hillbilly
  58. Honey Bunch Yellow
  59. Honey Delight
  60. Honey Drop
  61. Honeybee
  62. Hugh’s
  63. Husky Gold
  64. Igleheart Yellow Cherry
  65. Ildi
  66. Indigo Gold Berries
  67. Isis Candy
  68. Jubilee
  69. Lemon Boy
  70. Lemon Cherry
  71. Lemon Drop
  72. Lemon Tree
  73. Lime Green Salad
  74. Limmony
  75. Lollipop
  76. Lucky Cross
  77. Maglia Rosa
  78. Manyel
  79. Marizol Magic
  80. Marvel Stripe
  81. Matthew
  82. Mingle Mix
  83. Mint Julep
  84. Mirable Blanche
  85. Moonbeam
  86. Morning Light
  87. Mortgage Lifter
  88. Mountain Gold
  89. Mr. Stripey
  90. Nature’s Riddle
  91. Northern Lights
  92. Nugget
  93. Oaxacan Jewel
  94. Old German
  95. Old Ivory Egg
  96. Old Yellow Candystripe
  97. Orange Jazz
  98. Orange Russian 117
  99. Patty’s Yellow Striped Beefsteak
  100. Peppermint
  101. Pilcer Vesy
  102. Pineapple
  103. Pineapple Pig
  104. Pink Bumble Bee
  105. Pink Tiger
  106. Pixie Stripe
  107. Plum Lemon
  108. Poma Amoris Minora Lutea
  109. Pork Chop
  110. Rambling Gold Stripe
  111. Red Lightning
  112. Red Zebra
  113. Roman Candle
  114. Sean’s Yellow
  115. Scarlet Sunrise
  116. Snow White
  117. Snowberry
  118. Solar Flare
  119. Solar Power
  120. Solid Gold
  121. Speckled Roman
  122. Spike
  123. Striped Cavern
  124. Summer Sunrise
  125. Sunkist
  126. Sunlemon
  127. Sunny Blue Ribbon
  128. Sunny Boy
  129. Sunny Goliath
  130. Sunray
  131. Sunrise Bumble Bee
  132. Sunset Falls
  133. Sunshine Heirloom
  134. Super Snow White
  135. Sweet Canary
  136. Sweet Carnernos Pink
  137. Sweet Gold
  138. Tasmanian Blushing
  139. Taxi
  140. Tiger Like
  141. Tiger Tom
  142. Tigerella
  143. Topaz
  144. Tye-Dye
  145. Vintage Wine
  146. Virginia Sweets
  147. Wapsipinicon Peach
  148. Weissbehaarte
  149. Wherokowhai
  150. White Beauty
  151. White Cherry
  152. White Currant
  153. White Potato Leaf
  154. White Queen
  155. White Wonder
  156. Wonder Light
  157. Yellow Belgium
  158. Yellow Bell
  159. Yellow Brandywine
  160. Yellow Cherry
  161. Yellow Fire
  162. Yellow Magic
  163. Yellow Mini
  164. Yellow Peach
  165. Yellow Pear
  166. Yellow Perfection
  167. Yellow Stuffer
  168. Yellow Vernissage

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50 Shades of Yellow Tomatoes?

Not all yellow tomatoes are the same. One cultivar’s shade can be greatly different from another variety.

They may have super deep or vibrant yellow hues on one hand, and very pale yellow—almost white—skin on the other. Some yellow tomatoes are even bi-colored!

Chef’s Choice Striped tomato plants, for instance, has pink-and-yellow striped fruits. There are also Yellow Vernissage tomatoes with alternating streaks of cream and yellow.

Even better, Mingle Mix is an interesting tomato variety that produces bright yellow, orange, red, dark green, and brown or chocolate fruits in a single plant!

When cut, their flesh can also be as bright as orange and green or as light as white. Not all yellow-skinned tomatoes will have yellow flesh.

Peach varieties like the Wapsipinicon Peach have fuzzy tomatoes like a peach too!

Yellow Tomatoes: Available in All Shapes and Sizes!

From grapes, cherries, and pears, to plums, long-and-pointed, flattened globes, globular, and beefsteak—you can choose among a great multitude of yellow tomato shapes!

Depending on the variety you opt to cultivate, you may also be able to harvest yellow tomatoes of vastly different sizes.

Yellow Tomatoes in Different Shapes and Sizes
Yellow Tomatoes in Different Shapes and Sizes

White Currant cherry tomatoes, for example, weigh only an average of 0.15 oz (4 g) per fruit.

In contrast, Aunt Gertie’s Gold round tomatoes, Brandymaster Yellow beefsteaks, and Sunny Boy flattened globes can weigh as heavy as 16 oz (450 g) per tomato.

Striped German beefsteak tomato plants can even produce incredibly large 32 oz or 2 lbs (900 g) fruits!

There’s also a wide variety of flavor profiles among yellow tomato varieties. Some are a bit more tangy, others more fruity, and a few are mild-tasting. Yellow tomatoes can be very sweet as well.

How Big Do Yellow Tomatoes Grow?

Most Yellow Tomatoes can grow big, reaching heights of over 8 ft (2.4 m).

Varieties like Amarillo, Big White Pink Stripes, Blondkopfchen, Egg Yolk, Goldie, Italian Ice, Lemon Drop, White Currant, and White Potato Leaf are indeterminate tomatoes that can grow incredibly tall!

Others are very compact and bushy, only growing as big as 2 ft (0.6 m).

Chello, Lime Green Salad, and Taxi are some of the most commonly available yellow tomato varieties that are determinate.

Still, there are semi-indeterminate yellow tomato plants like Honeybee cherries, Sunkist’s flattened globes, and Sweet Canary grapes.

Are There Heirloom Yellow Tomatoes?

Heirloom yellow tomatoes do exist. In fact, some are readily available as seeds and as live seedlings. White Beauty, in particular, has origins that can be traced back to the 1920s.

Such yellow heirloom tomatoes in the US may have been from the Americas or even Russia and Germany.

That said, there are, of course, hydridized yellow tomato varieties as well. Such yellow tomatoes are typically grown to be more disease-resistant that their heirloom counterparts.

Carolina Gold and Mountain Gold tomato plants, to name a few, are resistant to develop not only Verticillium wilt but also Races 1 and 2 of Fusarium wilt.

There’s also Yellow Mini which is highly resistant to the tobacco mosaic virus!


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