The Biggest Carrot Ever Harvested on Record! (The Answer is Mind-Blowing!)

Without enough nutrients, you might end up harvesting carrots much smaller, shorter, and thinner than your pinky finger! But what if I told you that some people have also been able to grow insanely massive carrots?

The biggest and heaviest carrot harvested in America was grown in Minnesota in 2017, weighing 22.44 lbs (10.17 kg). Measuring up to 20.48 ft (6.24 m), the biggest and longest carrot harvest in the United Kingdom, was presented in Malvern in 2016.

There are two up-to-date records of the biggest carrots in the US and the UK.

Moreover, depending on what specific factor you’re thinking of in terms of the word big, I can give you 2 different answers.

The Biggest Carrot Ever Harvested: Official Records
The Biggest Carrot Ever Harvested: Official Records

The Heaviest Carrot Harvested in America

A man named Christoper Qualley from Otsego Minnesota is responsible for growing and harvesting the heaviest carrot on record.

What’s even more amazing is that he managed to set the Guinness World Record for the heaviest carrot only after attempting to do so the second time around!

The record was set in September 2017. He grew the largest carrot—which honestly looks mutated—weighing as heavy as 22.4 lbs or 10.17 kg.

It has several stalks of carrot tops and numerous thinner and much smaller taproots growing around it. With a special soil mix he used, based on what he learned from experts, he was able to cultivate the massive carrot.

What Happened to the Heaviest Carrot Ever Harvested?

Rather than chopping up the ginormous orange carrot to cook up a feast, Christopher, who still considered himself a newbie in the hobby of growing giant vegetables, replanted it.

He explained that he chose to do so in hopes of having it flower and go to seed.

By doing so, he could potentially create a new gigantic variety of carrots that other giant growers can enjoy cultivating.

It’s also quite possible for them to grow and harvest much bigger giant carrots with his decision.

Was There a Record of the Heaviest Carrot Before?

Before Christopher’s record last 2017, the heaviest carrot documented and approved by the Guinness World Records weighed 20.1 lbs (9.1 kg).

This record goes back by only 3 years, on September 12, 2014. It was grown and Peter Glazerbrook in the UK.

The Longest Carrot Harvested in the United Kingdom

Joe Atherton is the man responsible for growing the longest carrot ever harvested in the United Kingdom not once, but twice.

For his initial record in 2007, he managed to cultivate a carrot that was over 19.16 ft (5.84 m) in length.

More recently—in 2016, to be specific—Joe broke his previous record after growing 20.48 ft (6.24 m) long carrots!

Despite its thinness, you can’t deny that such a long single piece of whole carrot is still insanely impressive.

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